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JC005: Elma Basket Lc30H/T460
Steel construction. Suitable for the S30/H ultrasonic tank. (JC003 (00952626)).
JC006: Elma Ultrasonic Basket
Steel construction. Suitable for the S60/H ultrasonic tank. (00999112).
JC007: Elma Tank Cover
Plastic cover for Elma E30H ultrasonic tank (JC003 (00952626)).
JC008: Lid For S60H
JC009: Cleaning Basket Stone
Designed to hold small items when using a steamer or ultrasonic tank without the risk of losing them.
JC010: Small component basket.
Screw tight basket, designed to hold small components for cleaning. Suitable for ultrasonic baths and watch cleaning machines. Dimensions 16mm x 12mm.
JC016: Elma Filter Mat
Periodical replacement filter mats for Elma polishing units (JC015 (00952810)).
JC017: Elma Multi-speed Filter Cover
Periodical replacement covers the Elma polishing units (JC015 (00952810)).

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